2018 Winners

Winners will receive a prize package from Jungle Software or renowned film composer Randin Graves.

Tally Shorts Favorite and Florida Favorite were decided by our panel of film experts.

Audience Favorite and Kids Favorite were voted on by the attending audience.

The Original Richard McMahan FLFav

6 Toes
Directed by Quincy Perkins

Otros Modos
Directed by Carolina Solarte
Directed by Christopher Nold

Fortune-Teller TSlaurels

Fortune Teller
Directed by Gonzaga Manso

The Death of Ian Hall
Directed by Rick Bartram

Liftoff TSlaurels

Directed by William Figueroa

Saving Santa
Directed by Keith O’Grady

Fortune Teller WinnerFav

Fortune Teller
Directed by Gonzaga Manso


  • Buzzcut – Directed by Jon Rhoads & Mike Marrero
  • Raha – Directed by Yeganeh Balouchi
  • The Log – Directed by Teemu Nikki
  • Millimeterle – Directed by Pascal Reinmann
  • Aproximada – Directed by Kyle Carver
  • Anina – Directed by Alkaios Spyrou
  • Whoever Was Using This Bed – Directed by Andrew Kotatko
  • L’horloge (The Clock) – Directed by Alexandre Richard
  • That Your Body is for Receiving Happiness and Good Stuff – Directed by Anna Blum