2018 Kids Block


Saturday, Jan 27th @ 10am – IMAX Digital Dome

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Designed for children 12 and younger (but enjoyed by all ages), Tally Shorts for Kids will provide a free screening of children’s short films and fun activities.

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Sunny and Gerd in Spring Cleaning

Directed by: DaCosta Bayley  |  Canada

Sunny discovers that trash disposal is more dangerous than it looks. Gerd must save the day! And Sunny. And all the trash.


Good Boy

Directed by: Rachel Beltran, Nicole Myers  |  U.S.A.

A hopeful man goes on a blind date with the woman of his dreams expecting to have the best night of his life. Things seem to be going perfect, until the night take an unexpected turn.

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Saving Santa

Directed by: Keith O’Grady  |  Ireland

A little girl, still dealing with her mother’s death, comes across a destitute man in the street who bears a striking resemblance to Santa Claus. Despite his protestations, she takes great comfort in helping him.

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The Finvestigations of Sharklock Foams

Directed by: Allie Vanaman  |  U.S.A.

When a lighthouse keeper dies under mysterious circumstances, it’s up to famous land-shark detective Sharklock Foams and his otter companion, Doctor Flotsam, to track down the culprit and thwart a much more sinister plot.


Directed by: William Figueroa

A local news reporter gets assigned to cover the magnificent launch of a massive new space rocket that has been prone to delays….will the trip be worth it?

The Pirate Cruncher

Directed by: Paul Conner  |  U.S.A.

An old fiddler entices a band of pirates with a map leading to treasure. As they set out across the sea they learn the treasure is guarded by a monster called the Pirate Cruncher and not everything is what it seems.

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