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Saturday, Jan 27th @ 3:20m – IMAX Digital Dome

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Jim’s a Pineapple

Directed by: Blake Fraser  |  Australia

A young woman shows devotion to a pineapple claiming to be her lover, Jim. Everyone claims she’s crazy, but she remains unwavering in her conviction to protect Jim.

Jake & Julia

Directed by: CJ Colando  |  U.S.A.

During a one-night hotel stay, a young couple decide to pursue a spontaneous erotic fantasy.


Directed by: Jon Rhoads & Mike Marrero

No sex until you get a haircut? Annoying, but not really a problem–unless there’s an apocalypse.

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10 Minutes to Show

Directed by: Joshua DeFour  |  U.S.A.

Punk-rock drummer Charlotte “Charlie” Howe desperately wants to win an Austin battle of the bands competition, but 10 minutes before her band is set to perform everything seemingly goes to hell backstage…


Directed by: Ellie Harvie  |  Canada

Two women venture into the woods to scatter their friend’s ashes and fumble for a way to say goodbye.

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Honeymoon in the West

Directed by: Laurent Ardoint & Stéphane Duprat  |  France

Newlyweds Lisa and Mike run into trouble. Lisa, captured by bandits, is forced to witness Mike’s hanging. Can Mike escape to deliver his wife from the claws of the outlaws?

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The Log

Directed by: Teemu Nikki  |  Finland

A film director wants frontal nudity, but the actor has too much to give.

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