Looking for Hope


Saturday, Feb 7th @ 5:50pm

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Dollar Night

Dollar Night

Directed by: Marco Antonio Martinez, Mirando Al Norte, Ilegales, La Botella

Dollar Night tells the story of Andy, a vibrant 80 year old theater projectionist whose love for cinema is tested when faced with the closing of his beloved theater.

Eliott Nagaul

Eliott Nagual

Directed by: Simon Maignan

Since a few years, a young hacker named Eliott Nagual worries the authorities. His recent conferences about freedom of information does not ease the situation. The very last of them marks a point of no return : Eliott publicly disclose governmental informations and documents. His life is now endangered.

My Last Concert

My Last Concert

Directed by: Selcuk Zvi Cara

My last concert in the town I was born.
My last concert in the town where a part of me died.
My last concert in the town where I am hoping to find my inner peace.

Like If...

Like If…

Directed by: Daniele Bonarini

Special heroine must deal with a particular epidemic, alone will be able to save the earth?

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