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Saturday, Feb 7th @ 12:30pm

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Directed by: Kyle Heller

Behold! A man who has withdrawn from society. Now he lives in a field with a cherished pile of things that he adds to daily – a monument of junk, a shrine of things forgotten and discarded! An eager woman watches, follows, questions the recluse. Warped social convention, capitalistic worship, and the search for meaning all leer wearily at us before we’re able to retreat; back to the first degree amongst 364 others: a doomed and looping dance!

Vanitas - Real and Natural

Vanitas – Real and Natural

Directed by: Tuo Wang

Wang Tuo transformed two European fictions in the 19th century—Effi Briest (a realist novel by Theodore Fontane, 1894-95) and Thérèse Raquin (a naturalist novel by Émile Zola, 1867)—and placed them into a contemporary social context. By constructing all-encompassing environments where fiction and reality interweave, he attempts to examine the unreliable relationship between cultural archive and the contemporary human status. Dramatic and often humorous as well as absurd aspects of the concept of society are exposed during the process.

Money 1955

Money 1955: The Emmett Till Murder Trial

Directed by: Rob Underhill

In MONEY 1955, international press descend on a remote Tallahatchie County, Mississippi courthouse and draw the world’s attention to the murder trial of two white men accused of the horrific lynching of a 14-year old black boy from Chicago named Emmett Till.
One actor, MIKE WILEY, performs all 20 roles in reenacting the Emmett Till murder trial. It is a true-crime story crafted from the actual court transcripts.

Life in Between

Life In Between

Directed by: Jones Levenson


Evelyn is an elderly woman who, at the end of her life, is confronted by a young intruder who helps her answer some of life’s greatest questions.



Directed by: Joel Benjamin

When an innocent decides it is not enough to live a life in a chomping maw, she ventures out into a strange and frightening landscape of dreams, melting trees and piles of dung. But is the new, unknown better than the old familiar?

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