Question Reality


Saturday, Jan 27th @ 12:30pm – Sittig Hall

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Directed by: Mikhael Bassilli  |  Israel

A man awakens to find himself with a choice between saving a dying stranger and stealing his money. But is all what it seems?

Deadly in Love

Directed by: Jose Vaca  |  Ecuador

A suicidal man encounters Death disguised as a woman. What happens when her icy cold fingers turn hot with lust?


Directed by: Otto Alder  |  Switzerland

A home, the cat, friends and Otto Alderâ’s restless photo animation balances openly and honestly on the border between what was real and what was meaningful.


Directed by: Brett Bagwell  |  U.S.A.

A 12-year old boy struggles to understand the loss of his father.

I’m Fine

Directed by: Evie Dartnell  |  Australia

Experimental exploration of the division between the internal struggles associated with mental health and the exterior view that individuals portray to the world.

My Home is Bleeding

Directed by: Yousif Al Jaffan  |  Bahrain

After his family vanishes, a young man struggles to find his mother and sister in a destroyed country.


Directed by: Juan Camilo Mejia  |  Columbia

Being stuck in a room forced to watch a horror show is just the beginning of Jay’s problems in this tale which turns the mirror around on today’s media, and their behavior towards society.



Directed by: Gonzaga Manso  |  Spain

Routine and red sausage have led Mauricio to lose everything he took for granted. Desperate, he visits a carnival fortune-teller who shows him an alternate reality.

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