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Saturday, Feb 7th @ 5:50pm

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The Rules

“The Rules”

Directed by: Dale Metz, Ted Souppa


An early morning interruption from an unwanted visitor turns into something very unexpected for a woman with insomnia in this dramatic short film with a unique twist.


Bagged: The Vanden Cox Story

Directed by: Jonathan Moody

Vanden takes on the world of online dating, with the aid of an off the wall date, he ends up making some decisions that he would regret.

Yo Soy Pedro

Yo Soy Pedro

Directed by: jordan Inconstant

1977 Banks and Mackenzie Two American cops are patrolling when facing an alien that just crash . Police officers take an actor disguised cinema and decided to return to Hollywood studios.

Casting Session

Casting Session

Directed by: Calum Bob Weir

Brothers David and Neil Bratchpiece take sibling rivalry to new and unsettling levels in order to win the lead in a theatre production.

Auguste & Louis

Auguste & Louis

Directed by: Nicolas Bertrand

Auguste and Louis are fishing, but the fish will have to wait…

Love and Commando

Love And Commando

Directed by: Laurent Ardoint

September 1944. After a dangerous mission, Lieutenant Steve Douglas goes to the infirmary, where he meets a lovely nurse, Nathalie. They fall in love. But it’s difficult for Steve to reconcile his duty of being a soldier and his love life.
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Directed by: Levi Caleb Smith

It’s about life and death and the wars we wage within ourselves. It’s about growth under pressure. It’s about… a growth. One man’s plight against a pesky pimple… a mysterious flesh bubble in full bloom. It’s a sophisticated story chronicling his efforts to destroy the barnacle of unknown being in a battle for the ages (typically ages 12 to 20 but generally dependent upon hormone imbalances).
And it all boils down to one question: what would you do to save face?

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