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Some films may not be suitable for all audiences; viewer discretion is advised. Film schedule subject to change.

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Description: An elderly woman becomes annoyed with the man sitting next to her, and reacts by accidentally knocking a bug into his bag of chips.

Director: Kara Porch

Run-time: 1 minutes



Specimen 0625c
[two_third_last]Specimen 0625c

Description: 0625 is forced to repeatedly crawl through a mysterious maze against his will by unknown captors.  Determined to get out of the maze and find his captors, he has a gruesome plan, but what he didn’t expect is her, 0732, a fellow victim.

Director: Mark Bauer

Run-time: 16 minutes

Link: www.3visionsproductions.com/Specimen0625c


[two_third_last]Ten Bucks

Description:  A man finds the perfect Halloween decoration, and winds up with a lot more than he bargained for.

Director:  Darby Powell

Run-time: 5 minutes



Withdrawn Poster v1


Description:  Alan isn’t ready to leave home – even when his mom decides to rent his room to someone else.  Then a mysterious friend helps Alan and his mother overcome their differences.

Director:  Fritz Eberle

Run-time: 9 minutes




[two_third_last]Un Dia (extra)ordinario

Description:  Eight-year-old Oscar finds a camera while visiting the city. Back in his rundown neighborhood, his best friend Santi tries to convince him that only money makes people smile. Yet Oscar thinks otherwise, and it is up to him and his camera to prove that a genuine smile is universal.

Director:  Andrea Puente

Run-time: 7 minutes




TheCompany[two_third_last]The Company

Description: Ever dream of starting your life over in another town, with another name, in another country? “What the company gives you is a new life.”

Director: Kevin McDermott

Run-time: 23 minutes

Link: http://thecompanyshortfilm.com/


[two_third_last]Debate Myassa 2012

Description: The worlds first MPD political debate.

Director: James Williams

Run-time: 30 minutes



Neighborhood Watch
[two_third_last]Neighborhood Watch

Description: Two overconfident and under qualified neighborhood watch officers learn what real crime is after they accidentallly witness a notorious drug lord execute a hostage on his front lawn.

Director: Justin Burt

Run-time: 15 minutes



Bird Brains Poster
[two_third_last]Bird Brains

Description: From petting zoos to slaughterhouses, the ostrich industry is poisedon on the brink of widespread success, except most people don’t know it exists. Farmers across the country have their own opinions on the industry and the brains behind the operations disagree where the line between “commercial” and “backyard breeder” should be drawn. For many farmers, ostriches are their hobby and their livelihood, and they’ll risk anything to see this unique industry thrive around the world.

Director: Kelsey Middleton

Run-time: 15 minutes



Chillin with Her
[two_third_last]Chillin’ With Her

Description: In the spring of 2012, I attempted to create a documentary about prostitution. My goal was to document the everyday lives of the people who work the business, and I hoped that through recording casual conversations with them, I would create a rich and intimate portrait of them. However, somewhere along the way the nature of the conversations shifted from just asking them about their work, to questions about intimacy and relationships.

Director: Michael Kefeyalew

Run-time: 10 minutes



[two_third_last]Lashkata Ghar

Description: This short documentary film explores the life and social struggle of a subgroup of the lowest caste, called Dom, considered untouchable, who work in the morgue. The documentary explores the history of their migration to Bangladesh, their social struggle, mental struggle, poor work environment, discrimination in the main stream Muslim society where apparent religious caste system does not exist; however, social out casting is prevalent. Representatives of three generations reveal their pain and suffering, dreams and hopes through this tragic journey at the Lashkata Ghar, which makes this documentary a true outcry of this unsung community.

Director: Sezan Mahmud

Run-time: 33 minutes



Deirdre-Poster-CMYK-RevO 12-38-13
[two_third_last]Me & My Deadbeat Husband

Description: Blair’s son of a bitch husband has died in a car accident and he can no longer beat the crap out of her. However, instead of mourning and letting go, she steals his body from the funeral home and takes him on a camping trip. What could possibly go wrong?

Director: Deirdre Morales

Run-time: 18 minutes



Marilyn's End _ Poster Template
[two_third_last]Marilyn’s End

Description: Jack and Brit are two friends who attend a local costume party for Halloween. Jack pities Brit while Brit is tired of living under Jack’s thumb and views him as his nemesis. Brit plans to settle the score once and for all at tonight’s gathering. Dressed as Betty Boop, Brit devises a plan to murder Jack and show him who really is classic material.

Director: Dana Fytelson

Run-time: 5 minutes



[two_third_last]Opportunity Costs

Description: Nick Herman has never been successful, he’s always behind on rent, and seldom has a job. His daughter is suffering from a potentially terminal disease and needs an expensive operation. To pay for her operation Nick goes to a loan shark to purposefully take a massive loan he knows he can’t repay, with the intent to save his daughters life, and skip town to start a new life without his guilt and debts.

Director: Taylor Brockhoeft

Run-time: 26 minutes




Description: The story of Lieutenant Commander Malleck, and her radical act of mutiny aboard the KESTROS IV. With the help of her co-conspirators, she attempts to harness this weapon of mass destruction for a grand new purpose. But when a contingent of ground crew led by Second Lieutenant Kai threatens her master plan, Malleck must use the ship against them in order to succeed.

Director: Derek Van Gorder

Run-time: 15 minutes

 Link: http://www.c-themovie.com/

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