2019 Award Winners

The Tally Shorts Favorite Award and the Florida Favorite Award are chosen by our panel of judges. The Audience Favorite Award is voted on by the attending audience.

Tally Shorts Favorite Award

The Boy Who Wanted To Fly
Directed By: Jorge Muriel
Spain | Drama

1st Runner Up
Directed By: Claudia Murray

USA | Comedy

2nd Runner Up
Las Vegas
Directed By: Juan Beiro

Spain | Comedy

Florida Favorite Award

Bird’s Eye
Directed By: Scott Poiley
USA | Drama

1st Runner Up
I Don’t Know
Directed By: Molly Smith
USA | Experimental

2nd Runner Up
Directed By: Maxwell P. Price
USA | Drama

Audience Favorite Award

The Man of the Trees
Directed By: Andrea Trivero
Italy | Documentary

1st Runner Up
Directed By: Christopher Watson
India | Drama

2nd Runner Up
Sac de Merde
Directed By: Greg Chwerchak
USA | Comedy