2016 Awards Ceremony


The films aren’t done yet! We have a few more gems to enjoy as you enjoy drinks, refreshments and the company of fellow shorts lovers. Join us as we mark another year of awesome short films. Oh yeah! And find out this year’s winners!!!

GrassLands Brewery
603 W Gaines Street, #7; Tallahassee, FL, 32304
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Saturday, February 20th at 9:30pm

Admission is Free

A few more great short films to enjoy!

The Story of Gin

The Story of Gin

Directed by: Daniel Cantwell  |  Ireland

This animated short film is about the popular spirit Gin and its interesting and varied history. The style harks back to the early days of jazz music and cocktails, in its punchy music and strong, moody palette. The story covers Gin’s popularity throughout the decades and particularly its inclusion in cocktails and the cocktail era of the early 1950s. Simple, graphic shapes and great palettes of rich colours were used to lend the retrospective feel that sums up Gin’s character. Although it is an entirely digital animation, the line quality and paper texture convey a traditional hand drawn touch.

The Daughter of Captain Nemo

The Daughter of Captain Nemo

Directed by: Julio Mas Alcaraz  |  Spain

In The daughter of Captain Nemo the voice of the poet confronts her father in a series of symbolic statements. The representations of her past memories and her successful resolution of the Electra Complex makes her travel through the same amniotic fluid than his father, condemned to be submerged eternally.

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