Fair & Balanced

Saturday, January 26, 2019 @ 2:55 PM
Sittig Hall

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Directed By: Stephen Takashima | USA | Drama
Running Time:

A black door-to-door salesman struggles to make his first sale when he spots a Confederate flag hanging on the wall of his potential client.

Chocolate Wind

Directed By: Ilia Antonenko | Russia | Drama
Running Time:

Lonely and indecisive Alla feels like a Cinderella dreaming to escape her environment, and during a Skype conversation her old friend Masha pushes an option that could make all Alla’s dreams come true…

Language(s): Russian

I Don’t Know

Directed By: Molly Smith | USA | Experimental
Running Time:

A boy contemplates his past choices in deciding where he will go in the future.

2019 Florida Favorite Award 1st Runner Up

Orange Man Dreams

Directed By: Shirin Jahani | Iraq | Drama
Running Time:

ORANGE MAN DREAMS is based on true events of ISIS invaded Iraq and Syria where many civilians hostages were often beheaded in a public display. Orange Man is one of those victims, who reminisces the good times with a lovely wife and child, while awaiting his verdict.

Language(s): Arabic

Are You Volleyball?!

Directed By: Mohammad Bakhshi | Iran | Drama
Running Time:

At an English speaking border a group of Arabian asylum seekers struggle to communicate with the guards until a deaf-mute baby becomes the catalyst needed for better communication.

Language(s): Arabic, English

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