Films of a Short Encounter

Saturday, January 26, 2019 @ 7:10 PM
Challenger Learning Center

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The Last Dance

Directed By: Chris Keller | UK | SciFi
Running Time:

In the not-too-distant future, an old man works alone in his garage – click-click-clicking the hours away on an old desktop computer. His name is Hugo, and he’s making something… Something great…

Lab Rat

Directed By: Nour Wazzi | UK | SciFi
Running Time:

In a near future, a group of scientists trapped in a room learn that one of them is an A.I…. and it has been deceiving them. They cannot escape until they figure out who it is.

Close Enough

Directed By: Mahdi Hossengholi and Mojtaba Zarghampour | Iran | Experimental
Running Time:

An object in a park observes the people passing by, hears their stories, and then catches their attention in the end.

Language(s): Farsi

Blue Light

Directed By: Alfonso Segura Ballesteros and Andres Malo Segura | Spain | SciFi
Running Time:

V. has a BLUE LIGHT SYSTEM, which allows you to archive good memories, and block out the negative ones. Today he finds an object from his past, an object that has a date prior to the system’s registration date.

Language(s): Spanish

Mumpsimus and Halcyon Discord

Directed By: Rolf Klein | UK | Experimental
Running Time:

This film explores the connections between mental health and homelessness, challenging common misrepresentations in the media. Using the medium of the spoken word, the film questions whether we can ever view issues such as these in an objective way.


Directed By: Mark Kerins and Elliot Mayen | USA | SciFi
Running Time:

What begins as an ordinary family outing quickly becomes a waking nightmare as a young mother searches for her lost children. Her journey will force her to confront the echoes of a past she cannot escape.

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