Saturday, January 26, 2019 @ 7:10 PM
Sittig Hall

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Directed By: Tristan Hill | USA | Drama
Running Time:

Reggie arrives to his younger brother Dennis’ house, for what seems to be a lovely dinner party. As Reggie begins to unravel, Dennis notices that his brother isn’t being exactly his brother. What takes place is Reggie’s attempt to explain his depression to Dennis, while still maintaining his manhood.

All Good

Directed By: Luisa Ricar | Switzerland | Drama
Running Time:

All Good is a drama about a young women who couldn’t say no, and realizes that nothing is all good anymore.

Language(s): Swiss, German


Directed By: Andrew Coll | Canada | Drama
Running Time:

A young musician with stage fright faces the most terrifying night of his life when he is chosen to be a page turner for his idol, an intimidating world-famous pianist. One mistake, and his worst fears will be realized.

The Girls Were Doing Nothing

Directed By: Dekel Berenson | UK | Drama
Running Time:

The Girls Were Doing Nothing is a study into the conflicting nature of love and the human soul – our basic needs for stability, comfort and routine which clash with equality strong desires for novelty, variety and freedom.

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