Play it with Conviction!

Saturday, Februry 8, 2019 @ 12:55 PM
Turner Auditorium

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Directed By: Víctor Cerdán | Spain | Drama
Running Time: 11:00

A story about the prejudices and violence of the rising ultra-right movement in Europe.

Language(s): Spanish


Directed By: Felipe Vega & Cécile O. Carvallo | Spain | Documentary
Running Time: 12:00

In Nazi occupied Paris a shadow wanders around searching for the remains of a memory in which reality and fiction collide.

Language(s): Spanish, French

The 11th Order

Directed By: Joshua DeFour | USA | Drama
Running Time: 25:00

The true story of two U.S. Marines who, in a span of six seconds, must stand their ground to stop a suicide truck bomb and protect the lives of the Marines and Iraqi police behind them.

Language(s): English

Cuban Heel Shoes

Directed By: Julio Mas Alcaraz | Spain | Drama
Running Time: 17:00

Surrounded by a macho and homophobic environment, Paco and Jose must lead a double life – hiding the beginning of a love relationship and their passion for flamenco dance.

Language(s): Spanish

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