Spinning Against the Way it Turns

Saturday, Februry 8, 2020 @ 6:35 PM
Turner Aduitorium

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The Death of Mr. Tamimi’s Foot

Directed By: John Haddad | United Arab Emirates | Documentary
Running Time: 9:10

Abdul Nasser tells us his story by acting out significant moments in his life where he was determined to get over his past and move on with his life.

Language(s): Arabic


Directed By: Cedric Vella | Malta | SciFi
Running Time: 13:03

In a lawless world of finite resources, a wearied survivor makes her way to a stranger’s camp, intending to negotiate a safe place at any cost.

Language(s): English


Directed By: Reza Tofighjoo | Iran | Drama
Running Time: 15:00

Marjan is brutally attacked just before her young son’s birthday celebration. At the party, she tries to hide what has happened, but the trauma is still fresh.

Language(s): Persian


Directed By: John Gray | USA | Horror
Running Time: 7:48

A young morgue attendant encounters an unwelcome visitor.

Language(s): English


Directed By: Pedro del Río | Spain | Drama
Running Time: 20:00

A homeless woman finds a set of keys and tries to find the house they belong to.

Language(s): None

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