Taking Chances

Saturday, Februry 8, 2020 @ 6:35 PM
Room 104 Box Theater
Some seats may have partially obstructed views.

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Directed By: Jato Smith | USA | Comedy
Running Time: 20:01

According to the Unofficial Etiquette Book for Blacks, everything but homosexuality and interracial dating is open for consideration. Kevin unwittingly learns this difficult lesson when he introduces his significant other to childhood best friends.

Language(s): English

Heart Sound

Directed By: Hamid Borzooey | Iran | Animation
Running Time: 02:05

A musical love poem.

Language(s): Persian


Directed By: Zhaoxin Liu | USA | Drama
Running Time: 10:48

A young boy follows a black balloon around his neighborhood on the day his father passes away.

Language(s): Chinese


Directed By: Mark Roush | USA | SciFi
Running Time: 2:38

A young boy builds a time machine in his parent’s basement with the hope of rescuing his sister.

Language(s): English


Directed By: Konstantin Rall & Zeehyun Soh | Germany | Drama
Running Time: 15:00

Clara, a successful young businesswoman, does a pregnancy test after a passionate weekend with a working colleague. The positive result confuses her a lot.

Language(s): German


Directed By: Leandro Goddinho & Paulo Menezes | Germany | Comedy
Running Time: 13:40

Lolo is an openly gay 11-year-old boy trying to finally convince Max, his first love, to go public with their relationship at the school party.

Language(s): English

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