Opening Night

Friday, February 7, 2019 @ 7:00 PM
Turner Auditorium

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Directed By: Tommie Geraedts | Netherlands | SciFi
Running Time: 7:19

Naive Ronnie gives up a tad too much personal information during verification questions on his computer – he receives a fully customized invitation from his OS in return.

Language(s): Dutch

Operation International

Directed By: Jeff Colhoun | Ivory Coast | Documentary
Running Time: 13:59

Every year highly skilled doctors and medical volunteers from different backgrounds, cultures, and religions deliver groundbreaking healthcare to patients in third world countries

Language(s): English, French

…so it goes

Directed By: Jim Hall | USA | Experimental
Running Time: 1:25

Surreal times call for surreal imagery and storyline: A dictator with an orange for a face comes to life…

Language(s): English

The Georgia Honeys – Short Film/Music Video

Directed By: Ash von Chamier | USA | Music
Running Time: 14:05

Husband and wife musicians have gradually found a large hole in their relationship stemming from the loss of music in their lives. What was once their biggest connection must be rediscovered again.

Language(s): English

Ailin on the Moon

Directed By: Claudia Ruiz | Argentina | Animation
Running Time: 5:00

The routine that allowed an overwhelmed mother and her four-year-old son to drift apart must be broken for them to find each other again.

Language(s): Spanish


Directed By: Samuel Perriard | Switzerland | Thriller
Running Time: 13:08

A modern Western about unsettled men.

Language(s): German

The Silence of God

Directed By: ehsan shahhosseini | Iran | Experimental
Running Time: 4:46

An avant-garde film about birth, life, and death.

Language(s): None


Directed By: Javier Kühn | UK | Drama
Running Time: 13:00

A Victorian story about life, death and everything in between.

Language(s): English


Directed By: Rick Darge | USA | Comedy
Running Time: 16:52

Second Runner Up – Audience Favorite Award

A brother and sister decide to sell their family farm, but things go awry when a bag of money shows up on the front doorstep.

Language(s): English

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