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Saturday, Nov 12 @ 7:05pm & 10:40pm
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Pokey Pokey

Directed by: Junjie “Jake” Zhang  |  China & United States

A father starts a journey to figure out the best way to protect his son from seeing filthiness of this crime-ridden city. Pokey Pokey is a short animated film that discusses the arising trend of over-protecting children. When it comes to protecting children’s innocence, how far will human go? Since children will eventually grow into adults, and every society will always has its light and shadow, is ‘shield kids away from sex and violence’ really about protecting children’s innocence? Or is it about the fear of children growing up?


Directed by: Conner Griffith  |  United States

The shapes we make – an advertisement for planet earth.

City Limits

Directed by: Rachel Walsh & Christopher Rivera  |  Florida Filmmaker

The film focuses on the community’s efforts to open a DIY music and art space in Tallahassee, and briefly chronicles three past attempts at doing so that resulted in three temporary venues: The Farside, The Hidden Hand, and Pete the Venue. Through telling the stories of these venues, the film explores the topic of local (sub)culture and arts movements and their struggles to thrive in spite of being chronically under-resourced and facing institutional barriers. The film contains interviews with past organizers of The Hidden Hand and Pete the Venue, as well as organizers of house shows and music festivals in Tallahassee. The film also contains music by several local bands, including Trace, Night Witch, Vile Body, and Naps.

Dead Mall

Directed by: Dustin Morrow  |  United States

Dead Mall is a hauntingmeditation on a time when the American perspectives on consumerism and capitalismwere vastly different than they are today.


Directed by: Diego Alonso Sarmiento Herencia  |  Peru

When Dante faces his destiny, he finds more than one obstacle. Even on a lifelong friend.


Directed by: Steven Hirst   |  Australia

Ted, a 25 year old relatively shy man builds up the courage to chase the women of his dreams, his friend and colleague Jenny. He faces a series of obstacles on his journey and puts his balls on the line for love.


Directed by: Amy Coop  |  United Kingdom

When Claude reads that his old Music Hall partner Benny has died, he sets off to pay him a long overdue tribute.

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